Under the guidance of the Organizing Committee of the Pedagogical Professional Contest, Vinh University, the School set up teams and organized contests of specific contents. In particular, the section of DIY teaching aids was held separately on the morning of November 26, 2018 at the lecture hall A4-202. Attending the examination, there were full presence of the teachers of the Institute, the teachers who teach in the School and the students.

Pedagogical competition this year, the School divided the teams by major, according to which there were 5 teams competing: the Math Team A, the Math team B, the Chemistry team, the Physics team and the Biology team. With the division of teams by major, the teams easily promoted the strengths of the field of study, thereby contributing to a successful competition.

In the exam contents of pedagogical skills, it could be said that the test of Homemade teaching materials was a strength of natural sciences. With this test, students had opportunities to create materials for teaching with high scientific features but very low cost.

At the beginning of the program, teacher Nguyen Hoang Hao on behalf of the Organizing Committee declared the reason, rules of the competition, introduced the judges and members of the secretariat. After obtaining the permission of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Chien Thang - Head of the judging committee, the official competition started.

According to the drawing results, the order of the teams in turn was Biology – Mathematics and information technology B – Mathematics and information technology A - Chemistry - Physics.

For the Biology team, with the advantage of natural sciences and strengths associated with real-life content, the students of the team created a test kit for measuring very effectively the heart rate .

Mathematics and information technology  B Team, with the advantage of the key members of the IT industry, created an application for effective lesson planning and review. This can be a very good product for general teachers to transfer knowledge as well as support students to review and study old lessons effectively.

Mathematics and information technology A Team created a set of tools to support the teaching of trigonometry, a subject that is considered to be the most difficult to handle in the common mathematics sections. The kit was made of very simple items, but could be a model for trigonometric quantities, thereby helping students easily remember the trigonometric values of quantities.

Chemistry team, with the advantage of being an empirical science, created the Electrochemical kit, with the integration of the use of teaching electrolytic experiments, electrochemical batteries or modulation exercises. Thanks to the visual effects, this kit induced students' excitement and interest in learning a complex and difficult part of a high school chemistry program.

Finally, the Physics team which was also an exam team with the advantage of scientific experience and had many contents associated with production life, created a set of tools to prove the results of vector addition which could be evaluated, this was a highly creative kit, when applying other physical tools such as pulleys, magnetic fields, .. in a kit.

In general, the content of DIY teaching aids of the National Sciences Education School is always highly appreciated for its scientificity, creativity and wide applicability in high school curricula. In that spirit, in this year's competition, the teams also created kits that were highly appreciated by the jury, even there were 3 kits that made it difficult for the judges to decide if whichever is the best. In the end, the Student's heart rate kits was ranked first, the Physics team and Chemistry team kits ranked second. The next tournament belonged to the other two teams. The content of the DIY teaching tools competition of this year's contest was evaluated successfully on both the scale and organization, promising a successful pedagogical exam season of the Natural Sciences Education School.