1. General Objective

            Graduates of the program are able to formulate ideas, design, implement and develop high school Math programs in high schools to meet the requirements of national modernization and international integration.

2. Specific Objectives

Graduates of the program are able to:

- PO1: Apply fundamental knowledge and reasoning in the field of education and training in general and mathematics education in particular.

- PO2: Apply and master personal and professional skills and attributes.

- PO3: Demonstrate the teamwork and communication skills           

PO4: Demonstrate the ability to conceive, design, implement and operate school Mathematics curriculum.

3. Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

            Graduates from BPME are able to:

PO1. Fundamental knowledge and reasoning

PLO 1.1. Express basic knowledge of politics, social sciences and humanities

PLO 1.2. Apply basic knowledge of natural sciences and pedagogy

PLO 1.3. Apply core knowledge of pedagogy in mathematics

PLO 1.4. Apply advanced knowledge of scientific research methods and mathematics in pursue of higher education and research.

PO2. Professional skills and Personal attributes

PLO 2.1. Apply knowledge of Mathematics, implement and operate professional activities.

PLO 2.2. Apply reasoning, analysis and problem-solving skills in education, mathematics teaching and social activities.

PLO 2.3. Apply research skills to discover knowledge of Mathematics and Educational Sciences.

PLO 2.4. Use system thinking to solve problems

PLO 2.5. Demonstrate and utilize personal and professional attributes

PLO 2.6. Demonstrate professional ethics and social responsibility, practice fairness in behavior and evaluation.

PO3. Teamwork and communication skills

PLO 3.1. Show teamwork skills

PLO 3.2. Demonstrate communication skills

PO4. Conceive, design, implement and operate school mathematics curriculum

PLO 4.1. Demonstrate the ability to identify social and subject contexts

PLO 4.2. Demonstrate the ability to identify the school context

PLO 4.3. Demonstrate the ability to conceive ideas for high school mathematics curriculum

PLO 4.4. Demonstrate the ability to design school mathematics curriculum

PLO 4.5. Demonstrate the ability to implement school mathematics curriculum

PLO 4.6. Demonstrate the ability to operate school mathematics curriculum.

4. Job and Graduate Study Opportunities
Graduates from BPME have the ability to:
+ Teach mathematics at schools or universities and vocational colleges.
+ Work at educational management agencies.
+ Work in educational centers and companies 
+ Participate in research projects on Education and Mathematics.
+ Continue to pursue higher education in Mathematics and Education.
+ Work at universities, institutes or research centers.