Vinh University defines Collaboration in the academic and multicultural environment as the connection, interaction and resonance of competencies among individuals, units and organizations for development. Collaboration also connotes respect for differences and free development of each individual, as well as humanities. It is the way to flourish together and to ensure harmonious benefits of stakeholders.

The University builds a collaborative environment to implement training and research activities, as well as performing community services. Learners are encouraged to develop their collaborative competencies through outcome-based curricula and active teaching and learning.

The University believes that Creativity is the core competence of a person, ensuring life and career success, as well as life-long learning to adapt to the constantly changing society and the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Creativity is to create new knowledge and values, involving bold thinking and doing, passion for research and exploration, and continuous improvement. 

The University empowers students to be well adapted to the world of work and to become innovative engineers and professionals through the Conceiving, Designing, Implementing, and Operating process associated with their future careers.